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Who am I?

 I'm a lover of nature, of people, of relationships, of storytelling and of photography.  The latter allows me to relish all of these things;  


What's in a name

 Why RelativeLight?  What the human eye and a camera sensor perceive are identical; the interplay of light and dark, the contrast of brightness and shadow.  How these two opposite textures oppose yet combine with each other, is the essence of our visual reality.  All things change in front of our eyes instantly; and through modern history photography has captured these moments of light and shadows... the relative light which makes each moment unique. 


My Goals

 My passion is to find unique and hopefully amazing moments, to capture them and to share them with the world.  Whether it's a single portrait, or the inside of a glacier; it's my goal to make sure the images are true to the subject, and portray the raw moment that is in front of the lens. My services are dynamic and flexible; head shots, engagement shots, custom landscape commissions, architectural and real estate captures, senior photos, special occasions, proposal shots on top of a mountain with an alpaca and a bagpiper ... I'm game.  I love the odd and unusual, so whatever your needs are, I'm happy to discuss them.  Check out the gallery of my previous work at the top of this page, and please feel free to drop me a note with any questions below.  Thank you for visiting. 

Contact Me

Ask a question... just say hi ...send me a good joke and/or winning lotto numbers.

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